Adventure in the Mundane

Backcountry skier climbing up a mountain.The percussion of my heart resonates through every fiber of my body. The climb is steep and deep. The sun has not yet melted the powdered snow crystals. As I climb Black Butte after the recent storm I see potential…endless terrain to ski…the evasive “blower pow”…endless adventures.

Noon in Carmel Valley. My daydreams fade as I finish up the last of my lunch, a tasty mix of hamburger, homemade sauerkraut, avocado and mustard. This is my real adventure, a bike ride to the Village with lunch and my office (laptop) in my panniers. The plan, lunch in the park and then work from the local library this afternoon.

From the age of 28 I started to pay attention to The Adventurers. Those who always travel to exotic locations, scale mountains, cross oceans, or travel around the world with a minmum of necessity. The Adventurers…those who can?t sit still, fear nothing, are inspired by adversity and a have will of steel. The early explorers of the modern world. Today’s adventurers in exploration. Today’s adventurers in business, science and medicine or politics. A necessary component of a healthy and evolving society. How do these adventurers gather the strength go move against the grain of society…to put everything aside for their vision…for their inspiration?

Blurred image of a leg and foot in mid-stride.

I want to be an Adventurer. I want that freedom of spirit, that fearlessness. But this is not who I am. Alas, I am an adventurer in the mundane cycle of daily life. I find joy in packing up a days worth of food, a jacket and my laptop and heading out, on foot or bike, road or trail and often among those less fortunate than I who move about in their automobiles, who require the four walls of a static office and those who do what they have to do because they have few options. Indeed I am a great adventurer in the mundane cycle of daily life.

It used to be that I felt “less-than” for not pursuing The Adventurer’s way of life, not finding the Blurred photo of mid-stride in a walk.strength to put aside my fear of lack…fear of the unknown. I am learning to not look at the “macro”, but rather to look at the “micro”…small adventures in daily life. Small experiences that overwhelm me…overwhelm me with gratitude, a sense of self, of purpose…of peace. These small adventures, when added up throughout the day, the week, the month and a lifetime make life good, These small adventures into the mundane magically redefine ‘mundane’.

Edward Weston once wrote, “I am the adventurer on a voyage of discovery, ready to receive fresh impressions, eager for fresh horizons—to identify myself in, and unify with, whatever I am able to recognize as a significantly part of me: the ‘me’ of universal rhythms.” Indeed the ‘voyage of discovery’ is potential all around us. It is a change in perspective, moving in different way, sitting in a different chair, doing what we do…everyday…in a different way and, from a different point of view. Explore the mundane. So whether I ride, hike, walk or sit, I am an Adventurer of the mundane cycle of daily life and I am grateful.